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Revolutionising Security and Access Control with Cost-Efficient Facial Recognition Solutions

Transition from outdated access control to a realm of seamless
security and operational excellence. With Quintek, discover an
effortless fusion of affordability, enhanced security, and ease of access, tailored precisely to your organisation’s needs.

Welcome to Quintek:
Your Conduit to Seamless Security Solutions

At Quintek, we transcend traditional security paradigms to deliver tailored solutions that blend unparalleled safety with seamless accessibility. By forming alliances with global pioneers in facial recognition technology, we craft security narratives that resonate with your unique operational blueprint

Seamless Security,
Effortless Access:
The Quintek Vision

In an era where the pace of security challenges is relentless, we offer a haven of assurance: a tailored security milieu that accentuates seamless
movement and access, while fortifying your
premises against potential threats

Selected Partner Spotlight

Introducing SAFR, your adept partner in visual intelligence. Leveraging face and person-based computer vision, SAFR from RealNetworks optimises real-world performance, ushering in a new era of security and convenience.
Tailored to meet the demands of a dynamic environment, SAFR’s offerings are fine-tuned to address a myriad
of security and operational needs.

Here are the exemplary solutions we can bring to you from SAFR:

Secure Access Solution:

Threat Detection Solution:

Attendance Log Solution:

Visitor Announcement Solution:

Retail Analytics Solution:

SMS Watchlist Solution:

With SAFR’s cutting-edge solutions, experience a perfect blend of security, efficiency, and convenience, each intricately
designed to address your unique operational needs.

Through real-time automated surveillance, contactless secure check-ins, and fast, accurate face recognition, SAFR delivers an impeccable suite of features optimized for virtually any camera or camera-enabled device. Venture into a realm where modern technology meets practicality with SAFR, setting a new standard in visual intelligence and operational excellence.

The Quintek Distinction

Global Expertise, Personalised Approach:

Leveraging partnerships with leading facial recognition technology providers, we bring a global standard of security, personalised to echo your specific needs and operational rhythm.

Consultative Pioneers:

We redefine the traditional vendor-client relationship, emerging as your trusted security consultants to transition you from prevailing security bottlenecks to a domain of seamless access and fortified security.

Dynamic Security Blueprint:

Our dynamic solutions evolve with the shifting security landscape, ensuring your operations remain both fluid and secure amidst evolving adversities.

Our Bespoke Offerings

Customised Access Control:

Embrace a new era of access control that recognises and adapts to your operational tempo, replacing outdated keys, cards, and fobs with swift, seamless, and secure facial recognition.

Proactive Anti-Shoplifting Systems:

Elevate your retail security with proactive solutions adept at pre-empting and identifying potential threats, fostering a secure, serene shopping environment

Integrated Security:

Unify our tailored solutions with your existing security infrastructure for a cohesive, robust security narrative that harmonises safety with seamless accessibility.

The Quintek Distinction

How We Engineer Your Security Transformation

At Quintek, we adopt a meticulous approach to deliver facial recognition solutions that are as unique as your organisation’s security challenges. Our journey together unfolds as follows:

Engagement and Discovery

Our journey begins with a conversation. We’re here to understand, not just to listen. By diving deep into your existing security infrastructure and challenges, we lay the foundation for a solution that’s tailored to meet your budget and security objectives

Thorough Security Assessment

Every organisation has its own set of challenges and requirements. Through a comprehensive on-site security audit, we gain an in-depth understanding of your unique security landscape, enabling us to craft solutions that are as unique as your challenges

Customised Solution Blueprint

Armed with insights from our assessment, we develop a customised facial recognition solution blueprint. Our proposal encompasses a clear pricing structure and a roadmap to enhanced security and operational efficiency, ensuring no surprises along the way.

Expert Implementation

Transition is a critical phase, and we handle it with precision. Our team of seasoned experts manages the installation process, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing systems while minimising operational disruptions. We also provide comprehensive training to ensure your team is well-versed with the new system

Support and Optimisation

Our relationship doesn’t end post-implementation. We provide ongoing support and refresher training to ensure your security system remains robust and effective. Additionally, we offer periodic system optimisation reviews to ensure your security infrastructure evolves with

Embrace the Quintek Assurance

Journey with Quintek from a realm of security uncertainty to a domain of seamless access and robust security. Our emphasis on a personalised, consultative approach, coupled with our strategic partnerships, sets us apart in a sector often trapped in the confines of impersonal, off-the-shelf solutions

Engage with us to unfold a security narrative meticulously crafted to resonate with your operational ethos, ensuring a seamless, secure, and efficient operational flow.

Embark on a Journey of
Elevated Security

Engage with us to unfold a security narrative meticulously crafted to resonate with your operational ethos, ensuring a seamless, secure, and efficient operational flow.