Screening System

ThermoScope the ideal solution for temperature screening – The only solution to have built-in GDPR compliance.

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Security Access

Integrate door entry access

with facial recognition

Web-based Portal

Access online Real-time updates

No Touch Operation

Scan up 1-meter away

No human contact required

Don’t point a gun at your staff,

visitors and customers each day.

Thermometer Gun?Thermoscope?

Warmly welcome them

into a safe environment

How does it work?

The individual walks towards ThermoScope. Within 1-2 seconds the infrared system detects and scans, then immediately identifies if they have a normal or high temperature. If the body temperature is high or abnormal, a sound or silent alert allows you to manage the next steps with the individual, in line with your company’s policy and procedures.

Appearance & Size

Quintek is proud to be a supplier of the ThermoScope

Quintek is proud to be a supplier of the ThermoScope, which allows your business to implement a no-contact temperature screening process for anyone who enters your building.

Whether they are an employee, customer, or visitor, the ThermoScope will easily be able to check temperatures in a convenient and safe manner.

The efficient infrared thermal imaging module combined with a simple 8-inch LCD display that gives access to the ThermoScope Monitoring Portal, allows you to make safety a priority without overwhelming or stressing the people who enter your facility.

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